Friday, February 27, 2009

The genesis of blogging

I've decided it's time to blog. I'm not quite sure what my blog will focus on, but I intend to make it somewhat of a public journal.

I think I'll include things from my spiritual life, my physical life, my family life, and my career life. Rhonda and I make a very concerted effort to find balance in all these areas, and hope, for the most part, that we’re succeeding.

We’ve realized the importance of taking time in each area, but at times we've have found it difficult to separate work, church, family and self. In an attempt to do this, a few years ago we would come home from church and “declare” that it’s now family time, and we’d shut all the curtains and lock up all the doors. This became “let’s shut up!” (Shut up has always been a swear word at our house, so I think everyone liked being able to say it). We’d get home from church and tell each other to shut up while we locked up the house, then we’d hide from the outside world for the rest of day. Actually, I’m writing as if it used to happen, but it still goes on.


  1. Our kids were at your house once for shut up. they thought it was great!

  2. WOW! the cabin in winter looks awesome!! I wish we lived close enough to be a part of that!!

  3. Hi Rob - I love your blog! And your slideshow!